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Short Stories

Gordon found that some of the best ways to tell people about the love of God is through the telling of stories. Jesus used stories and parables throughout his ministry. The stories Gordon told each Sunday night for over seventeen years on his radio program Sunday Night Live with Gordon Moyes, are real stories about real people and situations. During their years of being broadcast, they achieved the highest ratings of all broadcast programs. Some of them are funny, some are sad, but each communicates an important lesson about God’s love for His people.


Each week several of Gordon's short stories will be uploaded. His facebook provides updates of when his sermons are uploaded and their titles. Please click here to be redirected to Gordon's facebook page and like it. 

When Box Hill Was A Village
The Library Scroll

The One-Eyed Orchardist
Teenage Parties
From Coal Mines to China
Old Fishface’s Bell
The Sunday School Anniversary Concert
Sunday School Picnic and What Came of Them
Old Tom Black
Miss Appsley of the Silver Screen
My Mother
An Incredible Temporary Mum
The A.B.C.
Yours Sincerely, SPitt
When Winning Wasn’t Everything
When Tennis Was King
Eternity Street
When Mr Menzies came to our Place
The Night My Father Died
The Don and the Cat’s Whisker
The Gentleman Burglar
The Conway Stewart Fountain Pen

The Old-Fashioned Physician

Going to the Dentist
A Stool from School
Part of the Problem or Part of the Answer?
The Surrey Dive
Jean Perry
The Day the Queen came to Box Hill
Mr Justice McTaggart’s Revenge
Getting Even with Mr Justice McTaggart
McKelvie’s Paper Round
The Fighting O’Hara’s
I’m Dreaming of a Poor Christmas
The Court Street Kinder
Too Poor for a Sheep’s Head
Riding the Railway Tracks
Going to College
My Part in Fighting World War II
World War II in Box Hill
Snapdragons and Gum Tips
Mrs Cherry Horton Grammar School For Girls
Running Away to C.
Meat For Our Pies

Pastor To The Slums

Pastor to the Slums

Visitors to the Manse
The Manses
Tommy Lee
The Honeymoon Surprise
The Boy From Cummeragunja
The Day JFK Died
Graduation, Ordination, and Re-Ordination
A Daughter for The Bishop
My Old College
The One that Got Away
The Central Character of Centuries
When George Told the Millionaire ‘No’


The Perils of Gas

What a Coat of Paint Can Do
Mrs Gossip
Worthy of His Hire
A Most Peculiar Man
Bowled Out!
God Strike Me Dead
Happy Harry McEwan
Jim Ford
Riding the Bike, Doing the Ton
Me Old China
The Hawaiian Holiday
My First Funerals


The Fire Bug

Success Through Chess
He had the Last Laugh
Willy the Weed
As Long as they’re Clean
Verna’s Diamonds
From the Top of a Banana Box
Big Bertha Skidmore
The Battle for Union Road
Probation Officer
Cheap by Name, Cheap by Nature
Maggie Scraggs
Granny’s Teacup

A Country Parson

Chook Head Clarrie
Chaplain to the Mental Hospital
Water – But not a Drop to Drink
Cab Sir?
When the Methodist Minister got Bogged
Big Momma Bertha
A Step Towards Church Unity
The Insurance Man
The One Teacher School
On Wing’s Like Eagles
Runaway Girl
The Meek Librarian
The Day the Beer Bottle Fell

The J-525 to Ararat
Teen Week
Winning Tatts
Rabbito Bill
Say Goodbye to the Country
Pounding the Typewriter
My Best Friend was a Farmer
All Creatures Great & Small
The Crane that Learnt to Fly
On Fire
To Her on Mother’s Day
True Love
Dr Gwen

When the Lights Came On
She’ll Win the Election
When the Communion Wine was Crook
It’s a Bit Wet
Plain Jane
With a Bit of Personal Effort
A Country Battler
Bribed with Firewood
A New Parson comes to Town
The General Store
The Cow Cocky
The Dim Angel
Smitty’s Soup
Dirt Poor

A Bush Teacher

The Ararat Show
Anzac Day
Death Among the Reeds
The European Eel
Like a Wolf on the Fold
The Yellow Dog
Death of a School
The School Formal

The Fire at Ross’s Farm
Morte D’Arthur
The Ararat Eisteddfod
The Pool Room Thief
The B.S.A 500
Saving Empire
The Surprise Teacher
My Country
Education Week

The Search for Timmy O’Rourke
A Very Pretty Catch
The Music Man
The Bush Heroine
The Greatest Show on Earth
Gordon Boys
Lost in the Bush
Knowing the Drains
The Copper-Head Snake

A Suburban Minister

A Most Unlikely One
The Three Johns
Fighting the Vietnam War
The Man in the Dinner Suit
Catherine the Great
The Recovery of Elsie
The Greek Wrestler
Our First Day
The Leopard Changes His Spots
Little Ida
The Full Forward
How I Defeated the Kiwi All-Blacks
A Step to Canberra?

Time to Leave
The Christmas We Struck Gold
Lorrie the Lamb
For the Love of Willie
A Very Logical, Practical Theologian
Here comes the Bride
Chartering the Rotary Club
To Stay or Go?
Father of the Year
Romance Among the Cabbage
A Youthful Church
Johnny Walker
David’s Place
The Fellowship of the Right-Handers
The Work of an Evangelist

The World Convention
Discovering Courses
The Great Lizard
Christmas Wrappings
Wonderful Counsellor
The Nine Lives of Rodney the Rooster
Must Give Up Christianity
Planning for Growth
That’s Not Right in Church
Girl Friends
Just an Ordinary Bloke
Missions Alive
When Billy Came to Town
Speaking in Pictures

Superintendant To The City

The Face of Christ
Christmas at Wesley Mission
Thirty Days and Around the World
Cottee Lodge
Recycled Clothes
Bobby Limb
The Congenial Paperboy
The Billy Graham of Asia
The Port Arthur Tragedy
Todds Barrett
Caring for the Kids
Coping with Poverty
The Television Producer
The Chief Commissioner of Police
The Lay Preacher
To China with Love
The Order of Australia
Radio saved her Life
Three Wise Men
A Great Cloud of Witnesses
Habitat for Humanity
Chuck Colson
Our Greatest Church Planter

Wesley Chapel
A Conference of Evangelists
Film Pioneer
National Aborigines and Islanders Day
The Overcomers
Cottee Orchard
Summer School
Breaking Barriers
Moon walking
Moonlight becomes you
Miles Douglas – He knows his roots
An Overcoat and Two Bob
Joni Eareckson Tada
Feeding the Chooks
Wesley Film Productions
Overseas Council
CADE Units
Richard Chambers
Marjorie Jackson

Graham Hardy
Gordon Powell
Sir Alan Walker
Sex Offenders
Mr Justice What’s-His-Name
Stephen Seymour
Billy Graham
The Rotary Club of Sydney
Credit Line
Easter Mission
Caring for the Kids
Spring Fair President
I Like Chinese
The Role of Superintendent
A Myth that Tells the Truth
My Time at Wesley comes to an end

A Christian in Parliament

Kristina Keneally – Premier of New South Wales
The Hon. Murray Glesson AC QC
Dr Chris O’Brien (1952-2009) – A Tribute
Rev Darren Box – Mobile Pulpit
Barack Obama – How he will Change our Politics
Sophie Delezio – Resilience
Stuart Gyngell – Strength
Bob Cardin – And the Glacier Girl 
Love, Marriage and Pure Sex
How the Election was Won
The scholastic saga
Why Support Missions?

Pearl Anderson – The Relay for Human Dignity
Stephen Lungu – Convert the bomb throwers
Richard Dawkins & Alister McGrath – Two Differing Professors
Christian Values from a Surprising Source
In Time of Flood and Drought
Miles Douglas – He now knows his roots
Gary Raymond – The Gentle Rescuer
Jock Garden – A Lovable Rogue
Missions in Action
Moonlight Becomes You
Dr Robert F Hull Jr – The Influence of a Good Teacher 

Thomas Albion Varney – On Fire!
King Tupou of Tonga – Good Lives, Well Lived
Ryan Hreljac – Well, Well, Well
Tom O’Toole – The Renewal of Country Towns
Elizabeth II - Doing your Duty
Charles Colson – My Prison Pals
Five Sydney Murders
Rev John Stott – The World’s Most Influential Religious Leader
Christian values from a surprising source
What’s it like to be Long-Term Unemployed?
Bi-Lo Aisle 14

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